Brandon Erickson – Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.

Brandon Erickson, new owner of Brown’s Shoe Fit Freeport, has seen first hand the difference positive efforts like Freeport All In can make on a community.

“I came from a town that is like Freeport in many ways. It is about the same size, they too hired a city manager and a part time mayor and they campaigned a movement similar to ‘All In.’ We saw real results, progress and betterment, which makes me hopeful for Freeport.

As a business owner in this town, I believe it all boils down to taking care of each other and looking inward to see how you can make the difference, how you can stand out and how you can help others move forward too. I have only lived here for a short time, but I see the potential, I love the people and think of Freeport as my new home.”

Thank you, Brandon, for being ALL IN!