In Freeport, We Value...

Based on engagement and the research conducted, and with the help of Collaborate Freeport, the values outlined below were developed to describe what matters most to those in Freeport, and to inform ongoing efforts in Freeport and Stephenson County, including events, workshops and more. 

Three workshops were held to discuss and move the values forward. At the first workshop, each committee started by defining their value and brainstorming strategies to champion that value in Freeport and Stephenson County. At the second workshop, each committee discussed specific tactics and goals to start rolling out a plan for implementation. At the third workshop, a facilitator for each group presented the plan and invited feedback from all in attendance.

We are currently aggregating all of the notes collected at each of the workshops to create a plan for implementation throughout 2017.

Get "All In" and let's champion the Freeport Values together.


Art, Design and Culture

 Diversity in All Forms

Hard Work and an Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Outdoor Experience

Giving Back

 Always Learning